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Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites

Virtue fusion is one of the best known and also best loved software. The software giant has produced a number of its own unique games including the fantastic Deal or No Deal Bingo. Their numbers are relatively limited and even rarer are virtue fusion sites that have a £5 deposit bonus. All the websites listed below will allow you to deposit five pounds and reward you with a deposit bonus at the same time.

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Gala Bingo

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Spend £5 Get £25 Free +
Free Emmerdale Mug

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Ladbrokes Bingo

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Spend £10 Get £30 Bonus<
Play Deal or No Deal Bingo

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Bgo Bingo

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20 Free Spins No Deposit
Spend £10 Get £40 Bonus

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Paddy Power Bingo

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Spend £5 Get £25 Bonus
Exclusive Promotions Run

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Vernons Bingo

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Spend £5 Get £25 Bonus
Free Newbie Bingo

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Coral Bingo

coral bingo

Spend £5 Get £25 Bonus
£10K Newbie Bingo Pot

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Boyle Bingo

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Spend £5 Get £20 Bonus
Play Cash Cubes Bingo

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Who are Virtue Fusion?

This question is not quite as easy as it appears. Virtue Fusion is a division of Gaming Technology Solutions Limited which in turn is owned by Playtech Plc. But lets start at the beginning. Virtue Fusion was established in 1999 with the intention of creating a leading bingo software client. The idea was to provide a bingo platform that was to be superior to anything else that existed on the market at the time. The software ended up becoming so popular, that less than 10 years after its conception it had over 6,000 bingo players using its software. The company was clever as they developed the software and would then let other companies use it but with their own branding. One of the biggest names of the bingo world, Gala, was one such company. Virtue Fusion were able to tailor the software so it looked like it had been specifically designed for that particular client. While players at Gala Bingo believed they were experience something unique, this was not actually the case. It was through this clever marketing system and use of software that saw the company grow exponentially.

So in February 2010 the company decided to sell to Playtech Plc. In the year of its sale the companies turnover had increased by over 34% compared to the previous year. This in turn made it a very attractive proposition for Playtech. Its turnover at this stage was an impressive £12.3M so clearly the company was moving in the right direction.

The Marriage of Virtue Fusion and Playtech Plc

While virtue fusion was growing as a company so was Playtech. Playtech were also founded in 1999 and by 2001 had its first casino licensee. This was the beginning for Playtech who initially focused on the casino and sports betting market. As the company grew within this field so they were able to float on the London Stock Exchange in 2006. It also helped that it was now penetrating markets in many countries across Europe. So it was in 2010 that the deal was done and Playtech Plc purchased Virtue Fusion. The aim was a simple one – to gain a foothold in the online bingo market. At time of the acquisition, virtue fusion was the biggest online bingo provider in the UK.

Since 2010 the company has indeed carry on growing. At the time of writing this article, virtue fusion is the biggest online bingo network anywhere in the world, let alone the UK. The company is looking to maintain that position and is currently in the process of developing a new bingo product that is in the final process of testing. Early indications are that it seems to be working well. The company has also seen a huge growth in the mobile market. In fact in the year between 2014-15 their mobile market grew by 51%. This is partly helped by the fact the company are developing new games in HTML5. HTML5 is the key to mobile gaming and the company is making big plans to utilise this mobile technology. The growth of virtue fusion bingo sites is proven in that in the year 2014-15 it grew by 20% which equates to €1.7M. In fact, just a quick look at the company balance sheet reveals a very healthy business, as virtue fusion and its bingo software generated a staggering €14.4M in 2013.

Why Are Virtue Fusion Sites So Popular?

This is not a difficult question to answer as the numbers above have proven. Virtue fusion draws over 60,000 bingo players on a daily basis, this number is simply staggering. In part this is down to the fact they have the liquidity to support a huge prize pool, which in turn leads to very attractive promotions and big jackpots. The software itself is usually fully tailored to suit the bingo site that a customer has joined. For example the branding and design will based on what the operator wants, which is why gala bingo can look so different to paddy power. But its not just bingo that is on offer. Bingo players can also play slots and casino games at the time and at the time of writing there are 65 embedded mini games on offer. There is more to virtue fusion than just bingo. As mentioned briefly earlier, its the fact that the company have gone mobile which also makes it so appealing. Now customers at a virtue fusion site can play bingo anywhere they like as the software has been developed to work on pretty much any mobile device.

But forget the promotions and mobile offering, its about the bingo games that also helps virtue fusion stand out from the crowd. You can expect to find 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball versions of the game but there are also games that come with a bit of a twist. There is Deal or No Deal that offers a 90 ball and 75 ball variant of the game. This is based on the hit TV show and winners get to chose a box as if they were with Noel Edmunds themselves. There is also Rainbow Riches that includes a large community jackpot and lucky numbers bingo which brings an extra chance to win with a lucky numbers side bet.

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