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Boku is fast becoming a popular way for bingo players to make a deposit. Its simple and very easy to use, which is why more and more bingo sites are now offering this payment method. All the sites found on this page will allow you to make a deposit via your mobile phone bill.

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Boku is fast becoming a payment method that is used by more and more bingo operators. This simple and easy to use payment method does away with the need for customers to use traditional credit and debit cards. The amount deposited is added straight to your phone, making it a hassle free payment method. The way people play bingo is constantly changing and the mobile market is massively increasing. Therefore it makes sense to allow customers to deposit via their mobile phone in the form of a simple text message.

So How Does Boku Work Exactly?

Boku is very simple and easy to use. If never you’ve used it before then we have a handy step-by-step below to show you just how it works.

  • After signing up and becoming a member at your chosen bingo site you go to payment methods as you would normally and click in ‘pay by boku’
  • You chose how much you actually then want to deposit. The deposit thresholds vary from £10 to £30. The maximum daily transaction amount at present is £30
  • You will then be asked to enter your mobile telephone number
  • Once you’ve done this you’ll then receive a text message. The text will ask if you wish to confirm the purchase. You simply reply with a Y for yes and a N for No
  • Once you’ve agreed to make the deposit the amount will then be added to your mobile phone and the cash will not be taken from your account till its time to pay your bill. If you’re a pay as you go user then the funds are deducted from whatever credit you currently have left.
  • Accepted on the following mobile networks – Three, O2, Vodafone, Virgin and EE.

As you can see from the steps above the whole process is very quick, easy and also involves very little fuss. However it is worth remembering that you’ve actually used Boku to make a payment. As most customers pay for their phone bill on a monthly basis we’ve heard of some people receiving some nasty surprises. They’ve not kept track of the payments made and at the end of the month received a huge phone bill. Therefore you should always be mindful and keep track of just how much it is you are spending. Pay by text bingo can be very convenient but it can also cause some very big and nasty phone bills.

The major advantage apart from its ease of use is the removal for the need to use a debit or credit card. Many of us don’t know ‘the long number in the middle’ off by heart. Therefore using Boku will enable you to make a deposit at your favourite bingo site without the need to fumble around in a purse or wallet while out and about. There is more than a hint of convenience factor when paying by boku which is why its become so popular in the world of mobile bingo.

But if you’re looking for casino sites which accept boku then we would suggest you head over to and take a look.