There are very few cozy bingo sites that offer a £5 deposit bonus. But that those do are listed on this page, so if you love cozy and their games, now you can join them for just a fiver. It is also not a very well know fact that all cozy games sites will allow you to deposit five pound, even if you don’t get rewarded with a deposit bonus.

Our Selection of Cozy Sites that have a £5 Deposit Bonus

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Who Are Cozy Games?

Cozy games are based in India. They were first established in 2005 so now have over 10 years of experience within the online bingo industry. At the helm of the company is managing director Sreeram Reddy. Sreeram founded Cozy Games having previously spent 10 years working with online giants Party Gaming. This invaluable experience led him to strive to create something that was totally unique and different, so he founded cozy games.

It was a modest start in the beginning for what is now one of the largest and best known bingo software providers. With over 50 different bingo sites currently using their software it is a testament to what the company has achieved. This has been proven by the sheer choice of games that they offer players that chose to use a cozy software powered site. The major of bingo players have the choice of the traditional 90 ball or 75 ball variants of the game. But cozy wanted to offer something different so developed 30 ball, 50 ball and 80 ball variants of the game. This gives online bingo players the choice of five different game types – something no one else on the market offers.

But its not just bingo on the agenda. They chose not just to invest in creating bingo games, but have also created their own line of slot games. While some say the quality is not as good as some of the other online slot giants, the choice is still there. In recent years the companies willingness to grow and offer more to its customers is reflected is some of the partnerships it has created. They now have an agreement with giants mcirogaming, so that visitors to a cozy bingo site will have the added option of slot games which offer some huge progressive jackpots.

At the time of writing, Cozy have developed over 100 unique games. They’ve also embraced the modern world by moving in to the mobile work. At least 50 of these games have been designed in HTML5, which means they will work seamlessly on a mobile device. They were one of the first bingo providers to move into this market, so have a bug head start over their competitors. This commitment to evolve and keep up with technology leads to ask what would be next – probably more of the same. This move to create unique games and a mobile offering has made it very popular. Their website states they’ve had over 7 Million customers to date, so something must working well.

One question currently being asked is whether there are too many cozy bingo sites available? That because its not all praise from the world of online bingo players. It seems that not a week goes bye that a new bingo site is launched using cozy software. They’re own network, Live Bingo Network, has 60 different sites on offer at the time of writing this article. During the course of 2015 there were 13 new cozy bingo sites launched. This is quite a lot considering how many online bingo sites are already available. For the most part, these sites are identical. They don’t offer any unique promotions or games, so there is very little to distinguish between them. It is no wonder therefore that some are starting to ask questions whether this company that came from modest beginnings has simply become too greedy.