Dragonfish Bingo Sites

One of the most popular and well known bingo software providers is Dragonfish. Love it or loath it dragonfish is here to stay and that means there is plenty of websites to chose from. Here you’ll find a selection of Dragonfish sites which have a five pound deposit bonus. Our Exclusive Offers & Site Recommendations New Customer Offers Only Shown. T&Cs apply. 18+ only.

Where can I find the best Dragonfish Bingo Sites?

Dragonfish bingo sites have been around for many years. It seems that a week doesn’t go by that a new bingo site of some description is launched, and you can bet that in one month at least one or two new dragonfish sites will appear. It can become tricky and confusing knowing which one to chose. It may help to understand why some are the same as what has launched before and why some are totally different. If you wanted to launch a website you would be given the choice of using a standard template, or you could create your own completely new style. The difference is cost. Sadly there are unscrupulous people out there who will try and dupe bingo players into making a deposit without them realising that there is nothing ‘new’ about the website except for the name and the design of the home page. This is where the £5 bingo sites come in handy. These sites give new customers the chance to test out what the website is really like, but at a relatively small cost. The chances are that you are not new to playing bingo and have come across many boring and same old dragonfish sites. Here’s a little trick of weeding out the ones which are identical twins of a million other websites. Those with a 5 pound deposit bingo bonus tend to pretty much always tend to be unique or have a special design about them. Not only this, but they tend to be part of smaller networks so therefore have totally unique and different promotions. You’re unlikely to win the £1,000,000 coverall which no one has ever one! It may well be that you’re the kind of person who isn’t bothered about receiving a deposit bonus as you don’t want to feel tied into a particular website. If this is the case, then here is another top tip. All dragonfish bingo sites will allow customers to make a minimum deposit of £5. When you go to make your first deposit after signing up you’ll be able to see which of the different payments will allow you to deposit a fiver. This is another way great way to test out the website to find out whether it is just another boring carbon copy of everything else that has gone before it. It is also worth pointing out that all dragonfish sites require a credit or debit card details when first joining. This is because a number offer a free £5 no deposit bonus and to claim this bonus you need to enter a debit or credit card. This is purely for verification purposes and you should not worry about any money being taken from the account. Money will only be taken from your account at a later date if you chose to actually go ahead and make a deposit. This can often put people off, but its becoming more common place and partly to comply with anti money laundering laws. So if you did join a dragonfish bingo site what can you expect? In terms of bingo games they only offer 90 ball and 75 ball variants of the game. There slots and other side games of which 30 can be played while in the actual bingo rooms. There are more games available but these will have to be played at a different part of the website rather than in the bingo rooms. There is always a very good choice of payment methods that will often include PayPal or Neteller as well as all the major debit and credit cards. Withdrawal terms also one of the most lenient and it is often quite easy to withdraw your winnings. Naturally the minimum withdrawal amount does vary from site to site so make sure to double check the terms and conditions first. But like with any five pound bingo site you chose to join you will need to provide proof of ID before making a withdrawal. On of the stronger elements you can expect from dragonfish is their slot selection. All these sites offer games from the biggest names in the slot world like NetEnt and Eyecon. This is always a big draw as you can typically find 200+ side games to play either in the bingo client or separately. If the slots is what really interests you then we would suggest www.dragonfishslots.com as this website specialises in dragonfish site that only slots and casino games. It is worth pointing out that the newer websites launched offer a split in the bonus you’ll be awarded. A number of sites have moved away from the traditional bingo bonuses and are now instead offering a split. This can actually be confusing and can also lead to disputes between Dragonfish and its customers. So here is how it works. The deposit bonus on offer is  300%. When you deposit £5 you’ll be awarded £7.50 in bingo funds and £7.50 in slots funds. Now if truth be told this is a little bit sneaky. This is because with Dragonfish the wagering requirements are far higher for slots games than bingo games. In essence it is another way for the operator to reduce the number of payouts they have to make. This may not be something that initially concerns you, but it is definitely an area to watch out for as a number of customers have complained about the lack of clarity since this bonus structure was introduced.