Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites

Virtue Fusion is one of the best known and also best loved software. The software giant has produced a number of its own unique games including the fantastic Deal or No Deal Bingo. Their numbers are relatively limited and even rarer are Virtue Fusion sites that have a £5 deposit bonus. All the websites listed below will allow you to deposit five pounds and reward you with a deposit bonus at the same time. Exclusive Offers & Site Recommendations New Customer Offers Only Shown. T&Cs apply. 18+ only.

Where can I find the best Virtue Fusion / Playtech £5 offer sites?

There may not be many Virtue Fusion bingo sites around, but what they lack in quantity they certainly make up for in quality. You can tell this in many ways, but perhaps the most obvious is the calibre of operators who choose their software. Many of the biggest names on the High Street use Virtue Fusion for their online bingo sites. This can tempt players to try a VF site even without having seen one before.

Who are Virtue Fusion?

But first, who are Virtue Fusion? And why are they so highly regarded? You may think that for their software to be used by all these giants of online gaming, they must be a big company. Well no, not really. The company is in fact a relatively small affair. It is based in London, with less than a hundred employees in total. It was founded around twenty years ago in 1999. It grew rapidly, and within a decade it was already operating its own small network of sites. In addition, it also provided the site infrastructure for several big-name operators, such as Virgin Games and Mecca Bingo. So quick was the company’s progress, that in 2009, the company boasted a turnover of over £12m. Impressive for just ten years after its formation. Moreover, its earnings that year almost doubled that of the previous year to reach close to £4m. Inevitably, Virtue Fusion’s astonishing progress soon brought it to the attention of its rivals…

When did Virtue Fusion merge with Playtech?

The gaming industry is a very competitive sector where takeovers, buyouts and mergers are rife. Stories of the little guys in the big pond almost always end in the little guy being swallowed up by the big money operators. Virtue Fusion followed this familiar pattern when it was bought out by Playtech the following year, in 2010. Playtech is massive gaming software outfit. The software giant acquired VF in a deal totalling around £35m. This time around though, the arrangement seems to have worked well. Virtue Fusion has retained its own identity in the corporate world of Playtech. It is run as a mostly autonomous company within the corporate structure. This has meant VF can keep its original creative and innovative culture largely intact. Yet at the same time, it has gained international clout and a multi-million-pound investment. These benefits provided by its parent Playtech has enabled VF to rapidly expand its designs and services. This impressive speed of development has almost certainly been achieved far more quickly and smoothly than if VF had remained the tiddler in the pond.

Are Virtue Fusion Sites Any Good?

The fruitful relationship with Playtech has allowed Virtue Fusion to reach the point where it is now one of the most highly regarded software providers in the online bingo industry. It seems to have earned a reputation as the go-to supplier for software for the big-name gambling companies. This is surely a good guide for players looking for a decent place to buy their online bingo tickets. Big High Street names with a reputation and a brand name to protect do not entrust their online site to just anyone. They want a straightforward, easy to use, professional design which fits their corporate image. And they can certainly be sure of receiving this from a Virtue Fusion bingo site. Of course, you don’t have to just rely on the endorsement of the big bookmaking firms when deciding on which bingo sites to choose. You can always see for yourself by visiting one of the titles powered by Virtue Fusion software. There are around a couple of dozen in total, around half of which offer the chance to get started with just a five pound deposit. So we’re going to concentrate on these here…

Which Bingo Sites Use Virtue Fusion Software?

Among the big-name betting giants who use Virtue Fusion to power their online bingo portals and also accept £5 deposits are Bet 365, Betfair, Coral, Paddy Power, and Sky Bingo. You can see the quality of design on all these sites. Despite all using Virtue Fusion’s bingo software, each is very different in looks and style. Each site is expertly customised to suit the brand’s favoured colour scheme and preferred look. And yet you can see a similar design ethic: professional, minimalist appearance, with no unnecessary clutter. Bet365 Bingo is a particularly impressive example of this. A simple logo, superimposed on a plain purple background with the company’s shade of green as a header. Paddy Power Bingo features a similar architecture, with its own distinctive shade of green instead, of course. At the time of writing, this was accompanied by pink highlights, which makes for a very eye-catching look. But it’s not all about the big High Street betting companies. There are some other big-name sites in the Virtue Fusion portfolio. The most important to mention here is BGO Bingo, which is one of the biggest names around. BGO have been supremely successful in attracting players to their site, aided no doubt by some expensive TV advertising and big media campaigns. Other well-known Virtue Fusion sites include Ladbrokes, Mecca Bingo, Sun Bingo, and Vernons Bingo. Here are some VF bingo sites:
  • Paddy Power Bingo.
  • Gala Bingo.
  • Buzz Bingo.
  • William Hill Bingo.
  • Sun Bingo.
  • BGO Bingo.
  • Ladbrokes Bingo.
  • Mecca Bingo.
  • Lucky Pants Bingo.
  • Kitty Bingo.
  • Paddy Power.
  • William Hill.
  • Slots Heaven.
  • Fabulous Bingo.

Are There Smaller Bingo Sites That Use Virtue Fusion?

Virtue Fusion are not just about the big-name corporate designs, although the link up with Playtech has certainly allowed the company to improve its clout in this area. The company was also initially famous for operating its own bingo network. These less widely marketed sites are popular with regular players. Titles like Bucky Bingo, Love Your Bingo, and Winner Bingo are all excellent sites which benefit from the company’s excellent games design and smooth-running graphics.

What Kind of Bingo is on Virtue Fusion Sites?

Never mind all the big company politics and brand ethics, what are the actual Virtue Fusion bingo games like? Well, the bingo on offer is a healthy mix of 90, 80 and 75 ball, with several different rooms available depending on the individual site and the time of day. They also have the rights to two of the most popular online bingo games. These are Deal or No Deal Bingo and Who Wants to be a Millionaire Bingo. Both are hugely popular and it’s easy to see why; both are based on hit TV shows that pretty much everyone in the UK recognises.

Can I Get Bonuses on Virtue Fusion Bingo Sites?

Although many sites use Virtue Fusion bingo software, the great news is that they are all run and managed by different companies. This means their promotions will all be different from one another. There is bonus available on most Virtue Fusion sites, which is great news for bonus-hunters and players who love promotions. As with any offer, be sure to read the terms and conditions, so you know exactly what you need to do to cash out your bingo bonus wins.

Do Virtue Fusion Sites Have Casino Games?

Other games provided on VF sites include casino table games like Blackjack, Poker and Roulette. There are often live tables too. With the big multi-product sites, these kinds of games are accessed via the site’s casino sections. This can be true of slots too, where some sites offer “Slots” or “Vegas” tabs with an exceptional range of five-reel games on offer.

Do Virtue Fusion Sites Have Slot Games?

All Virtue Fusion network sites carry an extensive range of slot games. These include many of the popular favourites from big name games designers like Microgaming and NextGen Gaming. This means that you will almost always be able to find your favourite games on these sites. The link with Playtech means that Virtue Fusion sites are also a good bet for players looking to try something a bit different or new. Playtech have a superb range of less widely available games which are really top notch. Their unique and innovative designs are great fun to play. Their Marvel comic Superhero range of franchised games including animated action characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman is particularly good and rarely seen elsewhere. So, the bottom line is that if you are looking for a top-quality site to play your bingo and enjoy £5 deposits, you can bet on getting a great experience on a Virtue Fusion powered site. Their impressive partnership with the major High Street and online betting giants is certainly a great way to start, but their own bespoke networked sites also offer excellent entertainment and a superb range of gaming options. All sites are available to 18+ players only. UK only. Please play responsibly.